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WonderingPoems from the Heart

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My Strength

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God's Perfect PlanNo One Said It Would Be Easy 

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The Take Over...The best of Gospel Duo Duncan & Rachelle 

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It's Your Journey, It's Your Life  Women's Devotional Journal

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It's Your Journey, It's Your Life - Women's Devotional Journal  (c) 2020 

(Women's Book Club / Bible Study Guide available)

​This Women’s Devotional Journal was designed to provide you with passages of encouragement, real life experiences (my testimonies), what God says about the topics in this journal, a closing prayer and of course God’s mighty scriptures that will guide, protect, educate, comfort, direct, lead, strengthen and set you on the path of righteous living and prosperity.

This Women’s Devotional Journal is written for anybody however, it was written from a Christian perspective.  If you are not a Christian, this journal is still for you!  If you want to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and reap the benefits of this journal, go to the book of Romans, chapter 10, verses 9-10 to learn how to become a Christian, then seek out a Christian teacher, minister, reverend or pastor for further understanding.  

God's Perfect Plan...No One Said It Would Be Easy(c)2007, 2010

(Women's Book Club / Bible Study Guide available)

This non-fiction story was written to inspire women, young adults, aspiring world class athletes and anyone who desires to accomplish a goal to conquer the obstacles which are blocking their goals by following the plans God has set for them.  

This story is a journey of my quest for Olympic gold that turned out to be more that I bargained for.  Faced with a failing, abusive marriage and sports injuries, I struggled to keep the pieces of my shattered lift together.  As I held on to the end of my life rope, God's perfect plan unfolded and changed my life forever!  

Wondering, Poems from the Heart (c)2013

Wondering, Poems from the Heart, is an assortment of poems written from life experiences, ranging from relationships, identity, life & death, love, goal setting and inspiration.  

​I began writing poetry at age 18.  Writing poetry became a part of my life.  It was a way I expressed my feelings when no one was listening.  It was an outlet that allowed me to write out my frustrations without having to explain myself.  Although my poems are written from my heart, I decided to publish my poems based on the knowledge that others were experiencing the same life experiences.  I hope to encourage and enlighten people from all walks of life.  

What Readers are saying about God's Perfect Plan...

"God's Perfect Plan is an inspiring​ living testimony of how God made a way despite all of the obstacles placed   before her.  Thank you Robin for sharing your successful journey!"  

~Nate Horton, Nate Photography

I was truly, truly blessed by your testimony.  You're a brave sister!

~Pam "Tehillah Praise" Blog-Talk Radio

You are making a difference, may The Lord continue to bless you as you serve Him!

~Rev. Rosetta Brown, Trinity Church

"God's Perfect Plan" helped me to understand that now matter the adversities we face in life, God's plan for our live is yet for the appointed time.  Great Read! 

​~Henry Harris, Spirit Enterprise Media